The most compact storage rack on the market. Capacity 28 chairs ( 55cm x 57cmx 90cm).

Stow in a closet effortlessness with its wheels.




 A comfortable and strong chair, with its backrest
rotating which adapts to your position and an exceptionally resistant and environmentaly friendly material, the bamboo plywood. Crash test is 220 kg. A product 100% recyclable.



The INFINE chair is perfectly symmetrical, and can be visible in 2 colors, depending on the way of openning it. This allows you to mix a meeting room with the same chair in "BICOLOR" version, for a graphic effect.

The INFINE chair, with its 23 mm thickness, is the most efficient folding chair, when it comes to storing it.



You can customize your chair with personal picture conform to your personality.

Businesses can communicate by customizing the INFINE chairs. Waiting room, meeting room, conference room or stands. You can also offer it to your best customers.

The INFINE chair can match all your spaces. You just have to give us the references of your materials,  for instance as you can see on the picture next.